About Jamie

My name is Jamie Page and I am a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and coach based in San Francisco, California.  

Coach Jamie

As a youth I was very underweight, not athletic at all, and didn’t have an ounce of muscle. Being aware of these things led to insecurities that I let eat away at me.  As years went by I let these insecurities grow, and developed bad habits in hopes of overcoming them. Bad decision after bad decision led me to become an unhappy, unhealthy, pack a day smoker.  I was not in control of my life and on a path of destruction. All of a sudden I was 28 years old and in the worst shape of my life. The day I physically saw that I was 202 lbs changed my life. My body was a reflection of my life, and it was sad.  I had two choices: 1. Give Up, become a victim, and go through the rest of my life unhappy, blaming everyone else for my misfortune, or 2. Take Action.

Well, I chose action!

I went and signed up at the gym across the street from my house, scraped together every dollar I had, literally and bought 3 months of personal training.  That was the best investment of my LIFE! In my three months of training, I learned everything I could, and did every single thing that my trainer told me to. Once I was done with my training, I went on to participate in all sorts of group fitness classes all over the city. I was addicted! I saw results and wanted more! My nights became studying sessions.  I read all sorts of articles online about health and fitness and watched endless youtube videos. I wanted to learn everything I could, and am continuing to learn everyday. I was getting stronger both physically and mentally.

I started gaining confidence, and becoming less scared to take chances. I started sharing my knowledge to anyone that would listen, and spending extra time at the gym to help anyone who wanted it.  I became friends with the fitness manager at the gym I was working out at, and he saw my passion for training even before I did. He offered me a personal training position time and time again, but I came up with excuses over and over why I couldn’t. After a few months of this, I decided to take him up on his offer and become a personal trainer.

I quit my Accounting job and started my personal training career. The transition was very rough financially, scary,  and uncomfortable but I was waking up with a purpose for the first time in my life.


The first time I saw a client cry from achieving a goal she deemed impossible, I knew this was my calling! When someone hugs you in tears as they thank you for changing their life, it is one of the best feelings in the world. I can’t explain the happiness I feel watching my clients succeed and change their lives. I truly believe that I can help anyone live a happier, and healthier life through health and fitness.  Not only will your body change, but your mind will as well.

Before the end of my time here, I want to educate, motivate, and inspire every possible person I can to make this world a happier and healthier place.

Learn more about the training services I provide.


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